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Understanding our custom jewelry design experience.

1. Free Consultation

We work with you to determine the scope of your project, understand your requirements, and give you an accurate estimate for your custom ring. Our no-pressure sales team will work with you to match your needs and budget.

2. Digital Rendering

Our artisans will work directly with you at every phase of the design to ensure that when you receive the final piece, you’re 100% in love. You’ll see a digital rendering made just for your project and get to make modifications until everything is perfect.

3. Professional Crafting by
Master-class Jewelers

Every piece created by Middleton Jewelers is designed, cast, set, and finished using the latest technology, supervised by our Master Goldsmith, Logan. With custom jewelry, the ring you create will be handmade and superior in quality and design to anything mass-produced.

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Worried about cost?

The price of your custom deigned item will be based on the materials you handpick! As we discuss your project, we work with you to find a balance between the features you want and the materials that are the most cost-effective.

If cost is still a concern, we offer free in house financing.

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